Ecology at Allegro

At Allegro, we believe that every form of activity that benefits the environment is needed. We support and encourage employees to always and everywhere follow a few basic and simple rules listed in the Allegro Environmental Declaration.

The Allegro Environmental Declaration obliges all employees to:

  • Execution of Allegro’s CSR strategy for 2017–2019

    “We promote healthy and ecological attitudes” Pillar

    Specific objectives Measures of success Status
    Promotion of healthy and ecological principles in everyday lives Organization of the so-called Health Initiative and development of long-term health promotion activities among employees in all branch offices Completed in 2017
    Supporting the passions of employees related to a healthy and ecological lifestyle Launching a project aimed at supporting the passion of employees Planned for 2018
    Promotion of the environmental policy among employees Updating the existing Environmental Declaration and implementation of new activities affecting the level of environmental awareness among the employees in all branch offices Completed in 2017
  • EmissionsOur carbon footprint in 2017: 2,488.5 tonnes of CO2.

    Our carbon footprint in 2017: 2,488.5 tonnes of CO2*

    In 2017, over 82% of Allegro’s entire carbon footprint came from indirect emissions related to the consumption of electricity and heat by Allegro branch office, while 5% come from fuel combustion in vehicles. The remaining 13% of indirect emissions are generated by public transport.

    * The carbon footprint has been estimated. We do not have accurate data on fuel consumption in all cars. We have assumed average consumption at 9.5 litres per 100 km and that all cars run on petrol. We do not include electricity consumption by our server rooms in our calculations. Also, we did not distinguish between different means of transport in 2017, therefore individual destinations were analysed manually.

    The scope of reporting

    Direct emissions
    (according to Scope 1 of the GHG Protocol)
    Indirect emissions
    (according to Scope 2 of the GHG Protocol)
    Other indirect emissions
    (according to Scope 3 of the GHG Protocol)
    Fuel consumption in own vehicles (petrol) Consumption of purchased electricity
    Consumption of purchased heat
    Fuel consumption from fuel combustion during business trips (airplanes, trains, taxis)

    Methodology: Carbon footprint was calculated based on the “A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard” Green House Gas Protocol methodology. The data on emissions come from the Guidelines to DEFRA's / DECC's Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors for company reporting, and electricity suppliers.

  • Electronic wasteWe organize the pick-up of used electrical and electronic equipment in all of our locations, which is sent for recycling.

    We organize the pick-up of used electrical and electronic equipment in all of our locations, which is sent for recycling. In 2017, we recycled 6,528 kg, including monitors, electronic components, batteries and accumulators. In all the cities in which we have our branch offices, we have fitted our kitchens with sorting litter bins for paper and plastic. We have also provided containers for used batteries.

  • EnergyWe conducted an energy audit in 2017. At Allegro, the most heavily consumed resource is electricity, because we need to maintain of our server rooms and the related infrastructure.

    We conducted an energy audit in 2017. At Allegro, we consume the most electricity to maintain of our server rooms and the related infrastructure. This accounts for over 60% of our total energy consumption. All server rooms operated by us boast a high level of energy efficiency. In addition, all buildings rented by Allegro meet high energy-saving standards.

    Consumption [in kWh] Poznan* Warsaw* Torun* Krakow* Wroclaw* Blonie*
    Electricity 842,321.28 476,270.00 80,120.41 31,984.00 65,011.50** 1,495,707.19
    Heat from the network 1,238,761.10 224,950*** 80,639.53 n/a **** n/a *****
    • * based on data obtained from administrators
    • ** no data for individual tenants – Allegro rents office space together with
    • *** no data for individual tenants in the building; the stated heat consumption is the overall value reduced by the share of space in the building occupied by Allegro
    • **** data not available – Krakow does not draw heat from the municipal network, but its own boiler rooms
    • ***** data not available – the cost of heat is included in the service charge