Share a smile

In the 2017 Allegro Corporate Social Responsibility Report you will find our most important activities, which put smiles on our customers’ faces. For us, however, the report is not only a summary of what we did last year, but also a great opportunity to provide offer more joy to those who need it.

18 smiles for 18 years of Allegro!

In the content of the report, we have placed 18 smiles that represent the 18 years of Allegro’s activity. Find them all to share a smile with a charity. Just find them in the content and click on each. The progress bar in the form of a frame will tell you how many smiles you need to find.

Who we are helping?

We in this together, so the more people read our report, the more we can offer to those in need. You will find information about the total number of shared smiles as well as the charity we currently support on the bar in the top part of the page.

The campaign will continue until May 2019. We money raised will be donated to satisfy various needs. See the full list of beneficiaries:

  • July–September – All for Planet Foundation – Spin Kilometres,
  • October – Share a good meal – Food Bank,
  • November–December – WOSP Foundation.

Allegro will donate up to PLN 100,000 to the individual organisations.