How was the report created?

Creating the content of the report was a multi-stage process. Allegro’s non-financial reporting topics have been defined in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative – GRI Standards. In order to understand how our key stakeholders view the disclosed information, we conducted surveys among our key business partners, vendors, employees and social organizations. The report was also drawn up on the basis of our CSR strategy. We subsequently verified the important and interesting topics with our employees from the specific functions, so that the data presented in the report is as valuable as possible. After creating the content, we verified it again with the data collection team. The report was not verified externally.

The 2017 Allegro CSR Report (from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2017) follows the Global Reporting Initiative international standards for non-financial reporting in its Core option. This is already the second Allegro report, which comprehensively presents our impact on social and employee issues as well as the natural environment. Reports are published annually (the previous report was released on 19 July 2017). In this year’s report, no adjustments to the information presented in the 2016 report were necessary. There were no changes in this regard.