Cooperation with Allegro vendors

There are over 2,248 verified and active vendors in our database, from administrative services providers, through suppliers of products for our Official Allegro Store, to the providers of advanced technologies.

The verification process of our vendors in 5 steps:

  • Step 1 - Analysis of vendors and solutions
  • Step 2 - Evaluation of the vendor’s credibility and potential
  • Step 3 - Review of at least three commercial offers
  • Step 4 - Negotiating the terms of cooperation
  • Step 5 - Acceptance of the terms and signing a cooperation agreement

* the above process is different in the case of solutions intended for the official Allegro store

We make sure that the entire bidding process, negotiations of the terms of cooperation, acceptance and classification of vendors are in line with market standards. What’s more, we strive to set a good example by choosing partners that are also guided by social interest or the good of the environment. This is one of the detailed goals in our CSR strategy.

Jon Eastick

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Eastick - Chief Financial Officer

I have joined Allegro recently and I have to admit that getting to know the ins and outs of a company that you have heard so much about is fascinating. Many people consider Allegro the be just an online store. Only when when you delve deeper into our business, you will see the scale of Allegro’s activity and of the challenges that we face every day. This is, above all, a huge technological undertaking, where unique solutions are created every day. These solutions are later used by millions of demanding clients accustomed to an efficiently and quickly running platform (also in mobile channels). Allegro is, after all, a huge business employing about 1,500 people! It’s a business that not only has the ambition to operate efficiently but also ethically, taking into account the interests of its business partners and vendors. This is reflected in the way our business functions work.

Execution of Allegro’s CSR strategy for 2017–2019

“We foster responsible cooperation in business” Pillar

Specific objectives Measures of success Status
Promotion of sustainable development in the supply chain Preparation and incorporation of CSR guidelines for suppliers in the procurement policy Completed in 2017
New benefits from partner dialogue in business rganising at least 3 discussion sessions with our stakeholders (business partners) Planned for 2018
High overall level of satisfaction with cooperation in business Conducting a service provider satisfaction survey (by the end of 2018) Planned for 2018

In 2017, we have introduced the obligation to sign the Code of Conduct for vendors and business partners and the Questionnaire for new suppliers. This applies to partners where our cooperation exceeds PLN 100,000 in value. Thanks to this practice, 52 vendors in 2017 undertook to comply with the highest ethical standards in their operations.


The scope of commitment made by our vendors and business partners, based on the ten UN Global Compact principles, includes:

  • Legal compliance of their operations,
  • Respecting human rights,
  • Ensuring the highest standards and working conditions for their employees,
  • Protection of the natural environment.

We aspire to ensure that all our vendors have submitted a written declaration of compliance with the above standards.