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Allegro is a different company. When we talk about out business model, we usually use the term “ecosystem”, because it accurately describes our character. As in every e-commerce business, our success depends on the trust of our customers and whether they decide to shop with us. There are over 100,000 professional businesses operating on our platform: mainly small and medium Polish enterprises but also the most famous global brands in the world. They are also our customers, which is why we often talk about them as our partners. Being a marketplace platform we need to take care of the interests of both parties. We need to ensure a comfortable shopping experience, absolute safety and modern solutions that facilitie trading on-line for both parties. Our ecosystem consists of more businesses: logistics operators and financial businesses, insurance companies, and companies offering solutions that support selling on our platform. Allegro empowers them all to expand their business and provides access to a huge multi-million market. This is an incredible advantage, which allows us to grow dynamically, but also a great commitment.


Expanding you business with Allegro is really easy. With this in mind we have created the Enterprise Account.It takes only a minute to set up, and it offers many additional features that facilitate running an on-line store that are unavailable in the regular accounts.

Welcome package for every new Enterprise Account

  • 500 listings free of charge,
  • PLN 100.00 to spend on advertising in the Allegro Ads platform,
  • 10 free listing highlights,
  • 30 days to use the offered bonuses from the activation date.

Sales Manager

  • Easy order management,
  • Automatic notifications about the status of the order,
  • Convenient creation of address labels.


  • Allegro covers the fees for transactions through PayU and Przelewy24, that the seller would need to pay if they operated a conventional e-store.

Allegro WebAPI service

  • The network service allowing to integrate proprietary sales management software with the Allegro resources.

In our business we attach great weight to promoting entrepreneurship in Poland. Our success depends on the success of the businesses trading on the Allegro platform. That is why we are constantly changing as a platform, to meet the needs of our customers even better. In 2017 we introduced many innovative products and services, which ensure an even better shopping experience to the buyers. This directly increases sales generated by our partners. The most important changes introduced on the platform:

  • New look of the listings: we have introduced a new template for the listings, uniform across the entire platform. With the new look, our users can find information about the product quicker and make a better choice. Another change was the introduction of the requirement to post listings with a white background.
  • Parametrisation: in addition to the clear template of the listings, we have introduced a number of new parameters for the shoppers’ convenience. They allow to search quicker and more accurately.
  • Insurance: we have recently introduced the option to insure selected merchandise thanks to the cooperation with PZU, the leading Polish insurance company. The offer is available already at the time of making the purchase, without having to “leave” Allegro.
  • Financial services: a dynamically developing part of Allegro’s offer. Financial services are a great convenience for the customers and sellers on the platform. They also enable us to fulfil our important promise: guarantee absolute transaction safety. In 2017 we signed a contract with the new Płatności24 operator, offering an even greater selection of payment methods to our customers. We also introduced our loyalty program, namely Coins.
  • Making shipping easier and cheaper: offering a speedy and seamless shipping service is a big challenge for every company in the e-commerce business. In our new contracts with logistics operators we have negotiated preferential shipping terms for our partners. We ensure more convenient collection of parcels thanks to the growing network of collection points. To meet the needs of our customers, we have also introduced the Evening Courier service, which allows to make the delivery outside standard working hours.
  • Changes in discussions: we’re there whenever our customers experience difficulties. Engaging in discussion with the seller definitely helps to solve the issues associated with the trasnaction. We also strive to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible. The seller currently has 24 hours (on business days) to answer. This change was needed. To make it easier for sellers to manage the Discussion process, we have introduced additional functionality that streamlines the process.
  • Free Shipping Week: we were the first in the sector to transform the free shipping day into a free shipping week!! Just before Christmas we enabled our customers to buy Christmas gifts with free shipping.

Damian Zapłata

Chief Commercial Officer

Damian Zapłata - Chief Commercial Officer

Allegro may appear to be an ordinary marketplace platform. A closer look at our scale may give goosebumps: Allegro currently stands for 70 million listings a month, 100,000 small and medium enterprises selling on the platform and 21 million registered accounts. That is why when I was offered to join Allegro in 2017, I didn’t hesitate long. We are one of the biggest companies in Poland. We create hundreds of thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly, support the digital transformation and education in technology, and we set market standards. Together with our sellers we contribute to the Polish GDP, which effectively means contributing to the state budget. We help Polish entrepreneurs start and expand their e-commerce businesses: big initial investments are not necessary and they can take advantage of our unique business model. Let’s imagine any conventional mall. And now make it a thousand times bigger. It doesn’t require rent for shopping space, promotion, cleaning or security services. Shouldering these costs, the mall assumes the risk of not selling the goods. It is free for everyone to trade at and generate profits, taking advantage of the fact that it is the favourite place to shop at for millions of customers. This is Allegro.

  • The number of Enterprise Accounts by province

    TOP 5 provinces with the most Enterprise Accounts:

    • mazowieckie - 85,054
    • slaskie - 60,545
    • wielkopolskie - 46,363
    • malopolskie - 42,653
    • dolnoslaskie - 36,538

    To learn more about the scale of our business in Poland, please click the button below for additional data.

    dolnoslaskie 36,538
    kujawsko-pomorskie 19,197
    lodzkie 30,373
    lubelskie 17,686
    lubuskie 12,819
    malopolskie 42,653
    mazowieckie 85,054
    opolskie 9,437
    podkarpackie 17,309
    podlaskie 11,405
    pomorskie 24,533
    slaskie 60,545
    swietokrzyskie 10,465
    warminsko-mazurskie 10,773
    wielkopolskie 46,363
    zachodniopomorskie 18,526
    No data 34,425
    TOTAL 488,101

    Inactive accounts have also been included in the classification

  • The number of Enterprise Accounts by city population

    Thanks to our platform, we encourage the unemployed residents of small cities to be professionally active. Nearly 50% of Enterprise Accounts have been registered in cities with a population of up to 100,000.

    City population
    0-10000 72,263
    10001-20000 50,706
    20001-50000 74,408
    50001-100000 44,016
    100001-200000 41,981
    200001-500000 57,738
    500000+ 101,929
    No data 45,060
    TOTAL 488,101

    Inactive accounts have also been included in the classification

  • The number of customers with Enterprise Accounts by gender

    Providing information about the province, name and surname or age is not mandatory in the process of creating Enterprise Accounts, which is why the number next to “No data” is so high. We have based the gender survey on the data of customers who have completed the entire verification process.

    118,042 women and 246,583 men have Enterprise Accounts on Allegro, and 9,232 and 21,446 new accounts, respectively, were set up in 2017.

    dolnoslaskie 18,671
    kujawsko-pomorskie 10,584
    lodzkie 16,165
    lubelskie 9,288
    lubuskie 6,836
    malopolskie 22,831
    mazowieckie 42,351
    opolskie 5,037
    podkarpackie 9,679
    podlaskie 6,382
    Ppomorskie 12,882
    slaskie 32,706
    swietokrzyskie 6,099
    warminsko-mazurskie 5,695
    wielkopolskie 25,471
    zachodniopomorskie 10,608
    No data 5,268
    TOTAL 246,583

    Inactive accounts have also been included in the classification

  • People between the ages of 25 and 34 who held an Enterprise Account in 2007, by city population

    Young users between the ages of 25 and 34 can develop their first business by creating an Enterprise Account. This is especially important in small cities with high unemployment. Internet access and Allegro’s support offer the opportunity for gainful activity and reaching 21 million customers.

    City population
    0-10000 1,295
    10001-20000 724
    20001-50000 880
    50001-100000 466
    100001-200000 361
    200001-500000 534
    500000 i więcej 736
    No data 187
    TOTAL 5,183

    Inactive accounts have also been included in the classification

  • People over the age of 50 who held an Enterprise Account in 2007, by city population

    19,937 Enterprise Accounts (including 2,476 accounts created in 2017) belong to people over the age of 50. This proves that you can do business on-line at any age.

    City population
    0-10000 3,299
    10001-20000 2,378
    20001-50000 3,568
    50001-100000 2,033
    100001-200000 1,904
    200001-500000 2,460
    500000+ 3,715
    No data 580
    TOTAL 19,937

    Inactive accounts have also been included in the classification