Without the opinion of our customers and sellers, it would be impossible to make Allegro better. Understanding what our customers consider important gives us the opportunity to identify areas for improvement and to introduce changes that will enable us to serve them even better in the future.

It is especially important to us how customers evaluate the support they receive from us when they encounter a problem while using the Allegro platform and contact us to resolve it. That is why we conduct periodic customer satisfaction surveys. Every customer who has contacted us about an issue has the opportunity to share his feedback in the on-line survey regarding the quality of service with us and how the reported issue was resolved. All responses are analysed on a regular basis, the feedback is read, and once we investigate the issue requiring further actions, we contact the customer again to resolve it.

Our customers also have a real influence on changes that are we introduced in Allegro’s functionality. Remarks that they submit are regularly reported to the departments tasked with implementing changes on the platform.

In 2017 our Customer Experience team received over 1,500 responses to customer service surveys on average per week. Thanks to their feedback, we know what we’re doing well and what we need to work on.

We are pleased that our customers have noticed the changes in the Allegro service standards that we introduced in 2017. What they particularly appreciate is:

  • Improved resolution of the reported issues (by 15 percentage points),
  • Clarity and exhaustiveness of the received response,
  • Shorter response time.

In 2017, Allegro did not receive any penalties, fines or warnings for non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes pertaining to marketing communication, including advertising, promotion and sponsorship, by type of effect.

*in June 2017, Allegro Group received a letter from the Association of Advertising Council Unions, informing about a consumer complaint that was submitted to the Advertising Council Office regarding an advertisement of the Allegro platform. We replied to the letter denying the complainant’s claims. The complaint was dismissed with a resolution dated 29 August.