CSR Strategy

Paweł Klimiuk

Corporate Communication Director

Paweł Klimiuk - Corporate Communication Director

I’ve had an account on Allegro since 2001 and I work here since 2012. I take advantage of these two perspectives, as a customer and as an employee, in my everyday work. When we started working on the corporate social responsibility strategy and the first CSR report 2 years ago, I realised how many stories there are for us to tell.

Allegro was fortunate to have its founders permanently encode in its DNA the responsibility for the social environment, customers, sellers and employees. Organising spectacular charity projects is easy, but being truly responsible for the customers, partners, employees and the society as a whole requires reflection and effort. Just as the rest of my colleagues, I’m proud to work at Allegro. It’s a company that centred its business model around making life easier for millions of Poles through on-line shopping. Mine too!

Allegro’s CSR strategy for 2017–2019

Our commitments

We make the workplace creative and innovative by:

  • offering an inspiring work environment, which supports innovativeness and stimulates intellectually,
  • engaging employees in volunteering that the company supports,
  • building a diverse and flexible work environment.
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We care about our customers by:

  • protecting the property of brands in terms of trademarks and copyrights of our customers,
  • ensuring transaction safety for our customers,
  • actively engage in communication with the customers.
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We foster responsible cooperation in business by:

  • educating and supporting best practices in the supply chain,
  • dialogue and open communication,
  • building partner relations in our everyday business.
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We keep investing in communities by:

  • educating the society and transferring technological knowledge,
  • creating technological, ecological and social innovations, which supports the development of civil society,
  • active and partner cooperation with business partners and non-governmental organisations.
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We promote healthy and ecological attitudes by:

  • raising awareness of healthy and ecological lifestyle choices among our employees,
  • supporting pro-health and pro-environment attitudes among our employees,
  • education in natural environment protection.
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We act ethically in everything we do, maintaining full transparency. We undertake to:

  • promote the CSR principles and best practices,
  • publish periodical CSR reports summarising the execution of our strategy,
  • communicate the strategic and operating CSR activities to our internal stakeholders (employees) and external stakeholders (sellers, customers, business partners and vendors, etc.).

Our CSR strategy is overseen by the head of corporate communication, the CSR manager and the team.