Rules of the game

Our organisational culture is based on the so-called #rulesofthegame. They are six simple values that we uphold every day:

  • Courage - we boldly promote new solutions,
  • Cooperation – we look for inspiration when we’re together, because together we can achieve more,
  • Product usefulness – we focus our energy on the usefulness of our solutions,
  • Data – data drives out business,
  • Responsibility – for the individually carried out projects,
  • Consistency in action.

Ethics at Allegro

In 2016 we adopted the Allegro Code of Ethics, which consists of:

  • Transparency policy,
  • Harassment prevention policy,
  • Whistle-blowing procedures.

The reported cases are examined and resolved by our Ethics Commission, comprised by:

  • Head of HR or HR Business Partner,
  • Head of Legal or appointed lawyer,
  • Head of the division the reported case concerns,
  • Representative of the employees appointed by the Representation of Employees.

We have made the “Fair Enough” short course in ethics available to our employees. In 2017, it was completed by 282 new employees. No irregularities or cases of discrimination were reported in 2017.

Tom Ruhan

General Counsel

Tom Ruhan - General Counsel

Being able to manage the legal aspects of Allegro’s business is an exceptional challenge for any lawyer. It’s a difficult task because of the multitude of aspects, scale, diversity of internal processes, but mainly because of having to keep such a large organization compliant; a tech company, which competes against global players in a truly free market, despite operating locally in Poland. All this makes my work exceptionally interesting. Together with my team we try to make the legal solutions we create as beneficial for our business as possible, enabling the company to change the Allegro platform in such a way that it meets the expectations and needs of our customers and partners as well as possible.

We feel that also we, laywers, contribute to creating a safe and pleasant space for everyday shopping for millions of Poles.

We run an ethical business and we expect the same from our business partners. In the case of contracts in excess of PLN 100,000, our contractors are obliged to sign a Code of Conduct and a Questionnaire for Vendors and Business Partners. You will find more information about transparency of cooperation in Chapter 2. For sellers and business partners.

In July 2017, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) initiated proceedings to investigate whether Allegro has been favouring its own store over other sellers. At the time of drawing up of the report the proceedings are still in progress. We uphold the principles of fair competition and respect the rights of the consumers. We cooperate with UOKiK to quickly and smoothly clarify all doubts.