Letter from the Management Board

We have been sharing smiles with Poles for 18 years

We closed 2017 satisfied with our performance and full of ambitious plans for the future. In everything we do, we rely on data, and they speak for themselves. Allegro currently stands for 90 million listings a month, 100,000 small and medium enterprises selling on the platform and 21 million registered accounts. We are happy about our results but we don’t rest on laurels. The Polish e-commerce market still offers great business development opportunities and, as the leader, we want to take maximum advantage of them. Celebrating the 18 years of our presence on the Polish market, we have looked at our previous accomplishments with satisfaction but we have been equally eagerly planning for the future. We are aware that the sector we are a part of is developing at a breathtaking pace and we also need to keep changing to keep up. That is why we have invested (and continue to invest) in the development of new services and products for our customers and business partners. Software on the platform is deployed 13,000 times a year. We want to create an even better shopping experience because we know that it will translate directly to higher sales generated by our partners. Some of the changes we introduced in 2017 that deserve a mention include:

  • A uniform look of the listings, which makes it easier for the customers to find the information they need to make their purchase decisions
  • Introducing a number of additional parameters. This allows to search quicker and more accurately.
  • Option to insure selected products
  • A range of financial services and Coins, our loyalty program
  • Lower costs and more convenient shipping options thanks to new contracts with logistics operators and the growing network of collection points. We have also introduced the Evening Courier delivery service. We have organised, for the first time, a Free Shipment Week before Christmas
  • Changes in the discussion feature, which guarantee a response from the customer within 24 hours, and make it easier for sellers to manage this process

We have also increased employment, staffing our technology and customer service departments better. The Allegro team grew to 1,500 people, half of whom are the best technology experts in Poland. We know that it is this field of expertise that will ensure the best shopping experience to our customers. On the one hand, technology needs to support a fully operational and intuitive platform, on the other, our team of consultants needs to ensure top-quality customer service. Only then will we be sure that we will fulfil the promise made to our customers: best prices, best choice and absolutely safe shopping. However, for 18 years now, there has been something more important at Allegro...

It is often said that innovations, not organizational agility, are the road to true success in business. We here at Allegro have a different view. Without the synergy of the two, Allegro wouldn’t be in the place it is right now: the e-commerce leader in Poland. It’s not only about being successful but also how you get there. There are certain terms on which we work at Allegro we like to call rules of the game. In 2017 we added two new ones: responsibility and consistency in action. We uphold them every day at work, and together with the power of data, usefulness, courage and cooperation, they define who we are. They perfectly reflect our approach to corporate social responsibility.

As the market leader, we feel an obligation to have a positive impact on our environment. To be responsible and consistent.

As regards Allegro’s corporate social responsibility, it’s important to answer one particularly important question: what do we really want to achieve with our business. Read the report and see for yourself how we do it. As a business, we contribute to the development of the entire e-commerce market: directly and indirectly, by educating and placing emphasis on the professionalisation of our sellers. We have always done business in Poland and it’s here that we pay taxes, contributing to our common budget. We do all this with our customers in mind. We asked them about their most interesting memories associated with Allegro as part of our 18th anniversary competition. We got 156,000 responses! Many of them are very personal stories. It turns out we have quite a contribution not only to economic growth but also population growth :). All these stories prove that Allegro is a tool that is used to achieve other important goals: make close ones happy or save time to spend more of it with the family. We’re happy to have maintained this unique quality for years and we hope we’ll continue to be ourselves for another 18 years or longer.

Management Board of Allegro.pl

Piotr Szybiak

Damian Zapłata

Jon Eastick